Madeleine McCann may have been found? (Unconfirmed).

Those that read this blog regularly will know that I come from the same county that Madeline McCann is from. Her father worked at the hospital where my dad had to go for treatment with his ongoing problems. I can remember at the time it happened there was lots of yellow ribbons on the trees outside the hospital. I also know the village where they lived because dad used to take us to see the steam trains (well, he said he was taking us but he had the interest in trains – my parents had their reception on a steam train – there is a donation plague at one of those stations with my dads, nana and grandads name on it because money got donated to a project after he passed away). I was sceptical about this girls claims at first but I kind of think they should at least do a DNA test to prove one way or the other. Even if the girl doesn’t belong to the McCann’s she will at least know for sure. People are saying why didn’t she contact the McCann’s directly because they have a website. She’s approached the police in the country where she lives and in the uk but apparently they weren’t interested. I’m sure that the McCann’s probably have had many people contact them over the years with potential leads to where their missing daughter could be. Unfortunately, that leads to the point where nothing becomes of it so they would have started not replying to the messages that get sent to them in case they’re time wasters. It would be wonderful if somehow this girl was madeleine McCann (she has the same eye defect and similar looks to how she may look now). Years ago there was a psychic who said that she would find her own parents between 2022 to 2024. I was sceptical about that claim until this girl has popped up on instagram/ TikTok saying she can’t remember half her childhood and the person that abused her was linked to the original case when Madeleine McCann disappeared. Even if all those things turn out to be a coincidence it’s at least worth doing a DNA test. I was told by multiple psychics that my son would make contact when he was 10 years old (he was that age last April). I’m quite sure that he is local … everyone thinks I’m crazy because adoptions don’t normally happen on the doorstep of a birth parent. I’m pretty sure that I have seen him several times over the years. It was difficult to know for sure as the years passed because I only remember him as a 14 month old (last time we had contact). I had that love u thing on my car window screen the other week scratched into the ice (that probably is just a coincidence) and then during the time the schools are on half term someone came on TikTok saying happy Valentine’s mum or mummy… something along those lines. It may have been someone just messing around but it’s hard not to grasp hold of anything when you have a child missing from your life. It is hard to not cling onto the wrong things. I can’t prove those things were him but I have put my email out there to encourage him or even the adopters to come forward as time goes on and he gets older. He’s still quite young but by the age of 11 I was asking questions about everything so hopefully he is the same.

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