I have morals but I’m not a good example.

As others have seen from previous posts on here, I do have morals. I am not a good example in how I live my life though. I just realised that I have eaten two triple chocolate muffins for my evening meal last night. As I previously said, I’ve been too tired to even stay awake by the evenings let alone cook a proper meal after getting up early every day this week since my antidepressants started settling in. I have cooked a meal every other night this week even if it was just chips and veggie nuggets one night. I also had the other two muffins in the packet for my lunch before I went out today. The logic that I used for that was their best before date being yesterday so I wanted to have them before they went too dry. I know it’s not proper food to go to do a walk and a gym session on though. I can’t feel that now I’m at the gym. I have a lot to do at home when I get back but I will be eating vegetarian chicken with vegetables and potatoes later for my evening meal. That is why I needed the extra sleep today because that way I can be awake in the latter half of the day when I’m naturally more productive (due to my previous sleep pattern).

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