Awake now. I have caught up with everything.

This really doesn’t have a particular topic but I’m typing it because I have woken up and caught up with certain thing online and I have something to say in regard to things. I should have put my coat on because it is absolutely freezing outside but we in on the way to the gym I’m not going to be outside for long. Mindless vandalism. I may not be talking to someone right now but I still feel sorry for them. They had their business window smashed last night. The fact that it has apparently happened multiple times makes it even worse. It doesn’t matter if it was just kids or whatever. In this country they need to start doing the law logically. Those that cause this type of damage should be made to pay for the repairs. I know that most people have insurance just in case but if people were made to pay for damage done then it would make the crime rates go down in this country. If Jonny did that and he had grown up with me I would have made him earn the money to pay for the damage done. I am the same with the cats (although they are animals who don’t always know scratching the shit out of something is wrong) if they scratch someone’s property or stuff. We are only an Island but the crime rate here is so high that women are afraid to go out in their own at night, we have to put covers over our drinks to prevent potentially being spiked on a night out. We can’t dress a certain way or we were asking to be raped or whatever (guys should have more self control for their behaviour to not be that way). It’s pissed me off how bad this country has actually got now. I’m already trying to change the laws so that forced adoption cannot happen here. I can’t possibly take every single thing in as one person. I have my own areas because of my life experiences. There is a lot involved in just tackling one area. We cannot have this culture where everyone is scared they’re going to be possibly attacked on a night out etc any longer. The police are useless and cannot do anything more than they are doing unless the laws get changed. As I said, it’s not easy and I’m only doing one area due to things I experienced. Even though it is logical the police aren’t allowed to get perpetrators to pay for the damage they do. The courts are draining the system because they fine people without purpose, it is rather a useless exercise where people just get labelled and nothing productive comes from our current process. We have all lost the ability to ‘work together’. Instead we are constantly at odds against each other. We cannot stay divided as we are because things will just continue to get worse. Our anger needs to not be directed at each other but what has created the issues that have affected our lives. I made the decision to walk away from all the bitchiness involved in the community that lost their children to social services, tracked the laws and researched a way that needs to be taken forward to prevent things like this continuing to happen in regard to ‘forced’ adoption (basically parental consent is dispensed to consent to adoptions via a court based on what social services place in front of a judge). At the end of the day we aren’t getting no where by just sitting there crying over things that have happened fighting everyone around us etc.

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