Legal complexities my …. More like excuses again.

The title of this entry is basically me being blunt about the situation. I will explain the update to the section 117 aftercare clause removal. I asked the woman at the reception for an update on the complaint I submitted a few weeks ago. This is what the email said in brief. ‘Please be assured that the mental health team are reviewing your complaint, however due to the complexities of the legal framework, they are not in the position to provide a response. I shall be in touch with an update as soon as possible’. Then thanked me for my continued patience. I started this process in August last year. I had to put a complaint into the council to get them moving and then directed to the ICB who are now also being slow and constantly giving me an update that a meeting is being arranged, this was an excuse for at least the last 3 months. I’ve had enough of being patient because it feels like I’m constantly being messed around. I intuitively feel that I am being ignored and given excuses until I ‘go away’ and no longer want to be taken off the 117 section aftercare clause. That is what the system does. It makes sure that things are so drawn out or just doesn’t get done that people will just give up and drop the issue. Anyone who knows me can tell them how stubborn I am … that is 0% likely to happen.

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