It was always meant to be that way…

I actually felt that certain things were going to happen and be said way before they actually did. I had a feeling that the person that cut me off a few weeks ago was going to do that. I felt it and kind of saw it in my head before it happened. They just needed that excuse and they picked something that I said to justify it. I only said those things because of how cold they went on me initially. I saw the email weeks before in my head before they physically sent it to me. Some people aren’t meant to stay in our lives. That must have been the case or I wouldn’t have seen it before they walked away. I think that they knew who I was too and what has happened with my son knowing her husband had been involved at one stage. I had known for longer than I let on. I knew just before our last appointment which was back in November. I didn’t say anything but it made me subconsciously angry at the other person and then it started to show because I could no longer hide it after a while.

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