Brianna Ghey

I’m not going into details in regard to certain things that I do not know enough about. I am personally not transgender however I know people who are so my information is rather second hand. I think certain things need to be said when a 16 year old is murdered in a park in broad daylight and it later became known that she was transgender. It was said that just days before she had been excluded from school. I don’t know the circumstances for that exclusion but as someone who also got that experience at school due to who they were (autistic) I can only imagine how that want would have made her feel. I don’t want to appear insensitive if I say things slightly wrongly because I obviously can’t relate to what it is like living as a transgender person. I firmly believe that there is too much hate toward those that are different or chose to live their lives not as what is seen as traditional. She was just a young girl. The only thing she wanted to be was herself. Then someone murdered her for being herself. They haven’t said the motive of the attack officially but in most of these types of cases it’s based on hate. No one should have to be a victim of a hate crime for who they are in any circumstances. I send my condolences to her family and friends. Transgender people have rights too and one of them is to not be murdered for just being trans. Hate in all forms needs to end because every time something happens there never seems to be any lessons learnt or changes occur.

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