I remember my past comments but I’ve changed my mind now.

I’m sure many of you remember me making comments about how lily Allen had got ‘too skinny’ back when I was two stone heavier and struggling to lose weight. I take it back. I thought that wouldn’t be able to get to that point ever again when I got older. I still think that there is a really skinny trend going around the celebrities at the moment. I’m allowed to change my mind. Also, is it warm today because I ended up sweating so much I went for a walk without my coat. I hope it doesn’t rain because the sky looks a little dodgy. Also, while I’m here I will not have people judging me in regard to who I chose to take a selfie with… I do not ask for a character reference before I allow it. It’s a social media/media thing to end up photographed with many different people. I’m not besties with them, we merely work in the same industry (media, writer etc). As I said, lone wolf here, I don’t get involved in anything because I grew up here and know how much of a mistake that can be. Regardless of whether I agree with others views I will work with them. I’m judged enough for my own past that please don’t collectively judge under the umbrella of someone else. We also all need to understand that casting stones at those that have done stupid things when mentally ill is a very shitty thing to do. It doesn’t mean they are the same person as when whatever happened. I don’t even feel the same now I’m on medication as I did when I had come off of it. I have lost weight again by the way… 10 stone 2 – 65.3 kg – 143 lbs now. It’s not pleasant to eat at the moment on the medication for my new condition they gave me on Friday. The medication is making everything taste slightly metallic so I don’t eat much every time I do eat. It’s horrible because even drinks have that slight taste too.

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