I will no longer participate.

If people are coming on the blog to see gossip or enjoy the fact that me and others aren’t talking etc then you aren’t welcome here. I didn’t deserve how I was treated. I will NOT be dragged into this areas gossiping. I’m on my medication now. I won’t be triggered easily due to the way that stops my anxiety building up. It isn’t funny. I’m quite sure that people have been shit stirring so that others didn’t want anything to do with me. It isn’t nice. I find it hurtful. It’s hard enough being autistic. I get the stigma and assumptions from every angle. I get treated like I’ve done something terrible. I haven’t. I should’ve stayed on my medication so that I couldn’t be triggered to say anything to others that was way too honest. I needed to try to be medication free. If people were understanding though they wouldn’t judge me and hate me for what I may have said. I get fed up with the gossiping and plain bitching in this town. People should grow up and be more concerned with their own lives. I have worked too hard to let others ruin stuff for me. I’m one of the good people that live here so please leave me alone and don’t be saying stuff about me behind my back. I won’t get involved in anything. I’ve matured above that kind of level. I like to joke around on here sometimes to set off the rumour mill but that is a bit of fun. There is never any names mentioned. There is a fine line between having some fun and being nasty. I have only gone over that line when others have ignored me. I also apologise if I do upset anyone which is more than a lot of people around here.

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