I don’t get it.

I have 5 minutes in between doing other stuff so I’m going to put a blog entry up now because I’m not sure if I’m going to be too tired by the end of the day. I didn’t sleep many hours. I woke up before my alarm and couldn’t get back to sleep. I washed my hair when I got up. Then I took all the rubbish out that I was getting together last night. I haven’t done much else yet. I need to take a parcel to the post office because someone has bought one of the clothes I am selling on eBay. On a positive note, everything has just about stopped tasting metallic. I must be getting used to the medication now. It’s working to take my swollen finger and other parts down. I’m now going to go onto the not so positive part. I was told to ‘avoid stress’ but that isn’t so easy when you’ve got a brain that over thinks and has to figure out everything so that it makes sense. I don’t get why people are mean to me, push me away and are cold toward me. The person recently was already doing that before I got pissed off and brutally said a lot of stuff. It doesn’t matter how good I am to other people, they push me away and then justify it when I get annoyed and stop being nice. It isn’t fair. It makes my depression worse and I’m already angry about things that have happened in my life so it impacts me quite a lot. It’s like no one can see that. People only think of themselves.

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