So far, so good.

I’m feeling a lot better since the antidepressants kicked in. I only really started the feeling the benefits today. I finally managed to get that cat tower part fixed together properly. That was annoying me for a few days. I must have a bit more energy back because my flat is now tidier/cleaner than it’s been in a long time. I’m very tired now because I got up earlier after not sleeping well last night. I would have slept fine if I hadn’t been needing the toilet every few hours. I’m not going to drink too much before I go to bed tonight because I don’t have a headache. I only drank a few glasses of water last night to prevent a migraine. I prevented a migraine but I ended up not sleeping properly waking up needing the toilet. It was extremely annoying. I would either fall asleep or just settle down and then I would wake up needing to go. Then every time I got up I woke myself up too much to go back to sleep straight away. It didn’t help that the cats were going in and out the window from time to time during the night. One of them went out twice and then the other was out most of the night until the early hours.

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