Woke up with a migraine :(

I woke up at a stupid hour with a migraine that I think has come on because I didn’t drink enough water. I started my new medication which is making everything taste metallic. Water is not something that tastes nice anyway, let alone with the metallic taste. I will probably lose weight because food tastes horrible. I also felt full quite quickly. I was given medication for the potential side effects but I don’t want to take it until I’m sure that I genuinely need it. I can tolerate side effects to a point. I just can’t wait until this stuff finally brings down my swollen parts. I have an ankle injury that never got rid of the fluid completely despite it now feeling healed. The toe on that side is still swollen swollen. The knee and finger on the opposite side of my body are also swollen. If (hoping it will) this stuff gets all those bits to go back to normal then maybe I won’t have another flare up for a while. I won’t have to be on these things permanently. I felt tired after taking the first one. I hope that isn’t a side effect because that is already a struggle for me. Sometimes the metallic taste goes away after a few dosages of medication but it’s not the same for everyone. Some people may not even get the metallic taste in their mouth. I don’t with any of the other medications I’ve taken before this one for other issues. The medication I had for epilepsy a long time ago was when I last had this experience but I can barely remember that due to being a child. I want these things to no longer be swollen but at the same time I don’t want to endure any more suffering. These side effects aren’t pleasant. I know that until things start getting better there’s always a time where it’s things are a bit shit but that taste is just a sensory nightmare for someone who is on the spectrum.

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