It has felt like a long day but hopefully sleep pattern is reset.

I finally got to the gym and also went for a 12,000 steps walk in the surrounding area beforehand. I have been lazy recently, I have to push myself back into it. I am drinking water which currently tastes of metal due to my new medication. I don’t want to get dehydrated because I end up with a migraine but it tastes horrendous! Im sure that I will get used to being this way soon in a few days. I literally don’t want to eat anything because it all tastes like it’s got metal in it. On a positive note, after two dosages I can feel my finger reducing in size so hopefully it does its job and I will be able to stop taking them. I have a follow up appointment in July. I’m hoping everything has gone down way before that point, that finger started in august so it’s already been not properly healing for 6 months. I had 3 months off of the gym to help it but even my ankle has never properly healed as it’s still got fluid swelling in it (along with the toe on that side too). Originally I was going to tell someone what happened but as she doesn’t want to talk to me anymore then I won’t. I only said certain things because of the way that they were being anyway. They don’t even care that things they said upset me so now we are even. I’m probably not going to get an apology even though I apologised for my part. They don’t think that they have anything to apologise for… well, that is people for you. I always act authentic and get royally screwed over by others because I refuse to be fake. I completely mess it up when I’m attempting to be fake anyway. I’m hoping my sleep pattern is reset now if things don’t keep me awake.

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