I’m up … trying to be productive.

I managed to sleep off my migraine. I woke up to my door buzzer. Every so often there’s Jehovah Witnesses that come around. I’m quite a tolerant person but they woke me up from a really deep sleep. I told them I didn’t have time to talk and put the phone down before they could even ask if they could leave me a booklet. I was just too tired for that today. I feel like crap because of new medication. I don’t have the patience to do religious people. Those that know me are aware that I just can’t believe in god. I see no evidence especially after what I went through. Maybe it was all some divine plan for my son to grow up away from me with strangers but that was heartbreaking for me. I don’t feel that any kind of god could do that. I have had religious people try to invite me to their church on occasions. I know that they were trying to be friendly but I’m the type who wouldn’t be welcome in a church. I always say I would melt at the door because I’m psychic intuitive (religion frowns upon that because they relate it to the devil) and my sins in my past. I wouldn’t have been so irritated if I had already been awake before they buzzed my door. I’m not a very pleasant person when I don’t get much sleep or someone wakes me up when I was comfortable in a deep sleep. I got up and did some of the stuff around the flat. I am just having an hour or so break before I continue doing stuff. I will probably go the gym later. I just want to make sure I feel a little less crap before I go (not been in two weeks, I was busy and ended up burnt out last week). I must be feeling a little better because I actually bothered to straighten my hair; in my defence though I have a lot of hair and it’s thick too, so it’s a pain in the ass to manage (trying to grow it long so laying off the heat styling most of the time).

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