Late night thoughts… very random tonight.

I’m still awake at 5 am but I was building the two new cat towers I bought online. The one went together quite easily. The very one (pet hut) has one part on it that I had to take apart once because I built it wrongly. It’s just one really difficult piece. Either I’m extremely tired or the holes are not able to be matched enough for it to look right. I’ve put it down for the night because it’s given me enough hassle tonight. The other one was built a lot simpler.

Anyway, my random thought of the night was probably caused by depression or something but I was literally only born by circumstances that could never have happened. What if my existence is actually an accident? That isn’t like the type of accident where someone gets pregnant unexpectedly… I’m talking the kind of accident where me existing started a chain of events (like the butterfly effect). I know this is random and I’ve not even had a drop of alcohol. If I was never meant to exist then maybe that is why there seems no place for me in this world. It kind of makes sense. I have never seemed to have a proper or permanent role in anything within this life. Now that I’ve probably left every reader probably questioning their own existence I’m off to sleep now.

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