At least I got some sleep…

I didn’t have much sleep but at least I had enough not to get to the painfully tired level. That cat tower still isn’t making sense to my brain. The fact that the holes aren’t even lined up doesn’t help. The other one was so easy to build but this part isn’t. If that part isn’t right then the bits on top of that won’t go right. I know that one of my weaknesses is problem solving and puzzles. They didn’t make the last one so complicated so why make the design like I did? Some of us are genuinely that thick… I’m literally not even pretending. I reluctantly started my antidepressants again. It’s taken me a week from speaking to the GP to finally pick them up and start taking them. I was really not wanting to do it. I got a message about my PIP form. It’s being processed… welcome to that outstretched hell that is in front of me when they’re going to make me see some ignorant assessor, take it away along with the extra money I get for being disabled (rent rate won’t drop this time because I have reached 35), then I will have to financially struggle until I can get a tribunal date which can be a long time. I don’t want to have to do this all again. I’m not going to get rid of my disability. It is there for life. They should award the disability part indefinitely. That doesn’t actually mean for life in law but until any further decision is made. They could do that to save doing this process every 3 years. As I previously said, my circumstances won’t change much due to my disability issues. I suppose that I could have a completely different life if I pushed myself and did it all myself (let’s face it no one else will ever give me a chance) I could change bits of my life but I’m no longer ambitious. I went through a lot and I’m ok with not going out there anymore because I just get really anxious due to not being used to being out there. Everything is becoming too expensive anyway, even the cat towers seem to have shrunk since I bought the initial one. It was literally the same price. I had to replace it because the other one is broken, the cat was sick over the bottom several times and they’ve ripped the scratch posts to shreds. I’m currently being sat on by a cat being stared at so I think that’s my hint that it’s dinner time for them and my lazy bum needs to get out of bed. I am still very tired so not looking forward to that.

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