Wasted another day :(

I haven’t seen daylight in two days. I woke up earlier but fell asleep because I was feeling tired. I didn’t that thing where I dropped off after waking up. I have now wasted another day. I’m not getting anything done because of sleep pattern being a complete mess. I also don’t appreciate being called crazy because I felt stuff relating to the Nicola bulley case. This is the exact reason that I would never do this stuff as a profession. People are just so cruel about things they don’t believe in. I heard a sound while I was typing the part about the mansion needing to be searched. That is literally all I have. It isn’t much. I wish that I could get more. There’s no way I’m letting anyone call me crazy any longer. I’m so tired and mentally suffering at the moment. I don’t need this crap. I wanted to help like everyone else despite what I’m going through. I’m not happy and quite sure that nothing will get better between myself and certain other people. The fact that I have certain gifts makes me drained by the actions of others. I put on a face and act like it isn’t hurting me when inside it’s the opposite. I picked my antidepressants up but haven’t started them. I am reluctant because they change my personality and it won’t be me. I worked so hard to get off of them.

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