Sleep pattern still messed up.

I didn’t sleep again last night. Apparently, according to my phone, I only had 3 hours ish sleep this morning. I woke up with streaming eyes so my allergies are also kicking off. I’m taking it easy at the moment. That is going to be the only way my hair grows back where it’s snapped around the edges. I’ve ate more to help that issue recently too. I keep losing weight so hopefully it isn’t going to cause me to gain it. I was 65.8 kg – 10 stone 3 – 145lbs when I woke up today. If you try to cheat by not eating much it doesn’t work. It literally holds on to water which increases weight. You also have to drink water because it helps that issue. I know it sounds like it would be counterproductive but since I’ve made an effort to drink more water I have noticed a difference I don’t carry so much excess water because my body isn’t holding onto it. It also prevents migraines which I was getting regularly. I haven’t had one since I started drinking more water. I still have really scabby skin but that could be lack of sleep.

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