Nicola Bulley case. Posted 7 am 8th February 2023.

This case seems quite a well discussed subject on platforms such as TikTok (every second video is about it). I don’t really feel comfortable commenting on these kinds of cases. I don’t want her family to start searching google and find me talking about their relative that has gone missing. I do however have some general feedback from the information that I have seen pop up about the case. The speculations don’t help her children, husband and other family members right now. I’m only providing my opinion because others have been discussing it. I refuse to say whether I feel she is still alive or not despite the fact that I am intuitive. That isn’t my place. It’s important that people have some kind of hope even when there may not be any. I don’t know how true this part is … something about a mansion in that area. Apparently the owner refused to let the police search it and told them to come back with a warrant. If they had nothing to hide wouldn’t they just let them search it? The police can ask for a warrant to search the property from a court but they have to convince a judge that it’s a strong link to the case not just a property nearby. That could take a few days to get the paperwork to force entry. The most freaky thing happened when I was typing the bit about the owner refusing entry to the mansion, I had like a sound which wasn’t like anything I have heard before. Maybe it is linked. There are many other intuitive people thinking the same. I really hope she isn’t, but something tells me she is. The dog was apparently visibly distressed. That suggests she was taken in front of it. They’ve searched the water which would have found her if she had fallen in there. The fact that her mobile and other stuff were neatly placed on the bench is also weird. She might have been attacked when they were in her hands or something and whoever did it placed them on the bench before they left the scene. They are only just saying there might have been a 3rd party involved but they’ve literally left the scene open to the public so there will be no DNA that they can isolate. People have been posting TikTok videos of the area which suggests how they didn’t isolate the area where this took place. There could be fingerprints on her stuff that was left on the bench but it’s very unlikely because attackers wear gloves etc. The caravan site is also near where she disappeared. However, I don’t feel that this is anything to do with the events that happened. I heard no sound like I did when I was talking about the mansion. There has to be someone who saw something because dog walkers are always around those areas. I’m very surprised that the dog didn’t bark loudly if someone did attack and take her, unless the dog knew the person but even then it would get scared.

Regardless of what happened. This reignites the issue about the safety of women when they’re in public alone. I don’t think about it when I’m walking around but I never go places that are too remote. I can hear what is going on around me even with my AirPods in my ears. That is a benefit of autistic hearing. I can listen to music and still hear noises around me. I could have a stalker and not know. That happens to bloggers sometimes. I keep randomly getting someone ring my door buzzer every few months and no one is there. I have a hole that I can open to see who is there at the door (my flat is faced opposite the door so I can see who is there). I don’t know who it is but I would appreciate it if they didn’t do it. It makes me extremely anxious. It makes me anxious when I hear the door buzzer in general but scares me when I pick up the phone but no one is there and I look through the hole but no one is there. The other day I had just mentioned on the blog that I was at home sorting stuff on my blog post. Then about half an hour later that happened. It’s happened before but this time I realised it had occurred when I mentioned I was at home last Friday before going back out to collect the cat from the vets.

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