I’m not a weirdo.

I have certain triggers and now I’m triggered so the rant about not being weird is coming out right now. People need telling before anyone tells me to chill out. I don’t need your bullshit comments right now. I have had to fight my entire life to be accepted as normal enough because autism makes you not that way in the eyes of others. I happened to go to school under the era of section 28 (late 80s to early 2000s). I was born in 87’ so I was one of the generation’s growing up affected. There was no support for young people growing up knowing that they were gay. We were shamed for any indication that we might swing that way. Schools, the local authorities and other sectors of society was told that they could not support that kind of life ‘choice’. Therefore, when you were referred to these places there was always the most awful things written about you. This was to punish our generation for being that way. There was no way that we could ever be open about it. There was no gay marriage allowed (civil partnerships were eventually allowed but they didn’t have the same rights as married people). I had to deal with the horrible treatment from the school, local authorities places like CAMH’s when I was young. They freely handed me over to the police as a target when I was young just because those around me could see what I was. I was never supported to be me because of the laws here actually forbidding it at that time. I was also always connected to the spiritual stuff way before I actually realised. I don’t appreciate people ripping me for that side either because all that also comes with a vast amount of stigma fuelled by none believers. That concludes my ‘do NOT call me weird rant today.

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