Fairness isn’t a thing in my life. Understanding for mental illness is not common.

I was watching a programme on television earlier. It’s not an accurate portrayal of what really occurs in this country. I went through absolute hell on my own since loosing my son to adoption. I lost him because of mental health problems after I had him. There was not once I got any kind of understanding. I was always punished, told I had no right to be upset or cut off randomly. The kindness out there for those experiencing mental illness is not common. Especially when you’ve had a child removed because everyone assumes that you deserved it (implicating that you’re probably a non deserving abuser). The cruelty that I have experienced due to having mental illness and a form of autism has been constant throughout my life. I have opened up and every single time I ended up abandoned and they’ve grabbed an excuse to end connections with me. I have never been handed any opportunities or had any kind of gift due to what I’ve been through. I see those on television being given those things on that basis. The only experiences I have had is the throw it in my face deal with all your shit on your own type of thing. I have noticed that none of these people have autism as well as mental illness. Television sees mental illness as merely depression etc. There is much more to it. Autistic people have the average life expectancy of 36 (I’m that age this year). I’m not surprised because no one gives a shit about us. We don’t get any support and even when we do get some form of support it isn’t appropriate and is counterproductive.

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