Late night thoughts… I have a few things to mention tonight.

Firstly, it is 7th February so it’s my dad’s death anniversary (13 years). It’s gone so quickly. I want to skip over that briefly due to grief. I have already felt sad. There are more pressing issues to discuss though.

I’m not a fan of fb groups but I think this needs to be said. Every now and then I post my blog posts on there. The last one I posted on there got reported because apparently not a blog platform. Nope that was definitely reported because others are attempting to gate keep and add censorship to my public posts. I am an activist/writer/blogger by profession so that is technically my work. Previous posts were never reported which were in the same group. Therefore it is discrimination and a form of prejudice which could also be a form of bullying too (remember what I said I about the silent treatment and purposeful blocking?). I am all about rights and I am not going to hesitate making an example out of others for certain behaviours. I just won’t put up with that crap. There are people around here where I grew up who will be that way because they enjoy making weaker groups / individuals completely singled out, humiliated etc because to them it’s funny. I don’t think it’s funny. I had that growing up and it just doesn’t happen as an adult because I let nothing slide. I don’t even fight, I just spell out how it is. Fb is not the playground. It’s time a lot of you grew up because you literally have no idea, you’ve spent your entire lives in one place so you’re so indoctrinated on what was always acceptable here. People outside your norm exists and deserve some respect. That means respecting their posts not reporting them because writing/blogger is an actual career. I’m an anxious person but I never let another person intimidate me despite being only 5 ft 2 and built petite. I will never fight anyone physically though because I’m just not good at that.

There is also a more pressing issue when it comes to the updates of the mental health act 2022 (currently in the form of a draft on the government website). I will post the link below for those interested to have a read. I saw it via someone else’s TikTok. I was labelled a criminal for my autism back when it was different despite there being a mental health act update in 2007 when I was given that label. (link for 2007 amendments). Apparently, this wasn’t quite in force when I went through that whole process so I’m not sure which I come under. They only removed autism from being under mental health conditions a few years ago. The new act details can be found on this link (easy read version). I strongly suggest that we do not go back to the old system. I think that this act is incorporating the already existing changes which have occurred that now states that autism / learning disabilities is no longer a mental health condition if it’s not alongside another psychiatric illness. The problem is that when the bill is officially passed there will be probably more people with learning disabilities and autism as a stand-alone diagnosis ending up in prison rather than getting the help. Those of us with long term conditions along these lines are already categorically sure that the services to prevent such scenarios are not in the community. There is no funding for the most basic of services to look after those that are in care/nursing homes etc so there will be no preventative services to stop people with LD and autistic people (the umbrella is rather wide in these kinds of conditions) getting into crisis mode. I only know basic details about these proposals as I only heard them tonight but I feel that I must share my views. I don’t want the system going backward because people like myself have worked so hard to prevent future generations having the same negative experiences in the system.

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