A warning to not mess about with stuff even loosely.

Over the last couple of months I have discovered that many of those involved with my son’s adoption has had karmic type of bad luck since that time (2014 my sons adoption went through). I never believed that the spiritual stuff actually worked to align karma etc. The amount of things that have happened to peoples families since then who were involved in various parts of the process have happened way too many times to say it was just a coincidence. I basically said the words ‘everything will come back on those that were involved in the process of mine and other children that went for adoption’. One person’s child who wasn’t very old themselves at the time my son went for adoption actually died as a teenager recently. I know for a fact that her mother was part of many adoptions because she worked at the contact centre writing notes that they used in court to take these children. I’ve accidentally came across others who were involved with my sons adoption and there has been illness and loss of family members one after the other. I do feel extremely bad for it seemingly having worked. If I had properly believed in this stuff then I would have never sent my words out there in anger. The words were basically saying that they would experience the same and know how it feels. I was young. Others older told me that I was a natural witch type which could accidentally cast things just by words but at the time I thought it was bullsh*t. I’m now not sure how comfortable I am having a haunted doll (even though she’s never been an issue, the spirit in the doll apparently likes cats so I thought they would be company for them when I’m not home) in my home. I’m now going to take it off just in case with words saying the opposite. ‘Karma has been served upon everyone involved in my son’s adoption process, I request that the universe takes off whatever was cast previously’. I’m hoping that it gets better for everyone now. I feel that they would have learnt from what happened to many of them so they do not need to be taught a lesson any longer. This energy out there could ping back on me because I accidentally sent it out there so it needs to end now!

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