Late night thoughts: I haven’t made my decision yet.

Yes, I’m awake at nearly 4 am again but I slept a lot during the day. I’m still feeling upset over certain things but as time goes on I will no longer be hurt by it. That is how it works. I spoke to the GP for them to authorise the antidepressants so that I can pick them up on prescription. They will be at the pharmacy now ready to pick up but I haven’t collected them because I am still not sure. It took a lot of effort for me to get off of them. I really don’t want them because they cause weight gain and then I will be miserable because of that. I also don’t want to lose my intuitive side but at the same time I would be able to get proper sleep without it and not be so anxious all the time. I have no motivation and don’t want to do anything in life. Medication isn’t really the option that I want but there is nothing else.

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