Why does having a nap change my thoughts?

I fell asleep after posting earlier because I feel wiped out after this last week. I woke up very hot so obviously my hormones are not great at the moment. I was seemingly unbothered about stuff when I went to sleep… now I’ve woken up I feel bothered about how things are between me and someone else again. I don’t want it to be this way forever despite who they are. I’m not a mean person. I just couldn’t see past certain things. I also woke up thinking about food. I shouldn’t be that hungry because I had over 2000 calories the last couple of days (it helps to stay awake for the whole day). I still don’t think anywhere can make a decent panini around here. It is just not a thing that people really want around here but down south they were a thing in the little cafes we had in our Cambridgeshire town. Here, they either make them like a cheese toasty or a sandwich. They have to be in the middle between those two things. It’s a balance that they do well down south but not up here. Panini and an ice bun was like my favourite lunch. I got told that I came back speaking posh. I don’t now though. I think my original accent has fully returned. I can still switch to the posh kind of accent but randomly, it comes on when I’m on the phone without trying. I got told that I sang in my Leicestershire accent down south. I don’t know but people seemed to really be into that. I have always had a tone to my voice which others likes but I absolutely hate. Memories are nice to have. However, if I don’t get away from the area I was born again I won’t have opportunities… or find a decent panini this end of the country.

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