I had to nap earlier.

After my previous blog post I had to nap after only sleeping two hours and being awake the entire day because I couldn’t collect the cat until later this afternoon. I made myself even more tired doing bits around the flat because there was a lot of mess. The clothes that I had washed are now sorted into piles ready to go away. It’s loosely vacuumed (meaning I glided around quickly) and all the litter trays have fresh stuff in them. I washed my duvet and pillows (love freshly washed puffed up pillows) so they are all nice and fresh smelling now. I had to wait over 5 hours with heating on quite high for them to dry but after being awake for way too many hours today it feels so comfortable when I finally got into bed. I napped on the mattress with just the under sheet underneath me when I went for a nap. I wasn’t comfortable without pillows but I get to a point where I reach a level of tiredness where I would literally fall asleep on a brick if I didn’t have any other option. I probably wouldn’t sleep long but I wouldn’t care how hard the surface was. I think my finger is just about healed. It feels much better recently. It will probably get knocked the wrong way and go worse again now I’ve said that. There’s barely any swelling / fluid left in my knee. It’s all about being patient and recognising that things only heal on their own time scale. I went back to the gym but I took a 3 month break to take away the pressure on injuries. I still walked most days. I had to do that otherwise my knee would go stiff and painful. It’s taken at least 6 to 8 months to get everything to stop swelling up. It helps the more I lose weight too because there’s less weight on places like my knee. It must help with there not being as much fat around my fingers too because it can move more. It does help these kinds of issues if you lose weight. I found it extremely hard to lose weight at first and sometimes it dies stick on me even if am cutting calories and eating all the right things. It’s definitely an age thing. I got to about 30 and then looking at cake slice increased my weight without even eating it. I’m thinking about going to the gym tomorrow because it’s been approximately a week since my last session. The fact that I’ve felt like this week has been so busy for me isn’t giving me any enthusiasm in that idea. I can’t skip it because the pattern of laziness begins then. Laziness doesn’t lose another two stone.

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