So I woke up at a stupid hour!

I woke up at 20 minutes to 6. That time means I won’t even get a quick nap before I have to get up for when my alarm is set. I don’t see how that is going to help the rest of my day. I definitely haven’t had much sleep. I have really scabby skin when over tired and my knee / finger feel more swollen. I didn’t go to sleep until at least 3 am. I have barely been asleep. I’m already looking forward to an early night. I will be thinking about going back to bed the entire day. I just let the cat out who isn’t going to the vets. The other one is currently asleep next to me so he’s easy to get in the carrier while that relaxed (he is just chilled out in general, that’s his personality). I’m still not mentally happy about things that have happened this week so don’t expect me to be super friendly and chilled. I can’t mask right now. As I said previously, it will probably be easier in a few weeks and hurt less. I can’t predict how long it will take to stop hurting though. It used to take me years to get over whatever had emotionally upset me. I know that I still feel raw about certain things but lack of sleep doesn’t help that. If it wasn’t emotionally bugging me I wouldn’t have been kept awake though so it’s a double edged sword.

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