I literally hate being awake today.

I am feeling my lack of sleep. The cat got dropped off at the vet. I am now at the garage getting the breaks checked to see if they are low yet. I got a message this morning that the GP was going to ring me about going back on my antidepressants this afternoon. I don’t really want to do it but I see no choice. It will block out the pain that I feel if nothing else. There’s a higher chance of me going back on antidepressants than anything being sorted out with stuff that hurts me or currently hurts me. I won’t see my son again or if I do it will be years and years away. There is going to be no kindness shown to me by others. They won’t speak to me again. Im going to mention my eyelashes and eyebrow/hair loss around the edges of my hair to the GP too because it’s going my head in now. I can’t grow the eyelashes / parts of my brows back regardless of how much I put oil on it. I have a chunk missing and then there is my monthlies which is beyond ridiculous.

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