Late night thoughts: well, these cards are giving me no hope.

This is a present, thoughts & feelings, obstacles and outcome 4 card mini reading (there is a long one that I just never do because it’s like a cross with lots of cards to signify basically the same things). In my opinion, a lot if these cards are not ones you want to see in readings in those positions. I was pulling them to see if certain things were fixable. They all point to an unfixable situation that was probably meant to be as kind of a karmic cycle. It wouldn’t have been if I hadn’t decided to be brutally honest. Maybe I was pushed by what I was connected to (what gives me my intuitive gifts) to be that way so that the separation would happen. I never walk away willingly of my own accord. I’m quite stupid. I will stay regardless of how shit people treat me. I don’t want it to be left the way it is but if the other person refuses to speak to me ever again I will have to live with that hurt. I really don’t want it to be like this. The outcome card in they first reading is a destiny card though and it basically means endings. So, translated it means the ending was meant to be. The obstacles card in the second reading means no reunion. In both readings on the present card it’s a sword. The page of swords represents immature pettiness. The ace of swords reversed means unfavourable news. The obstacles card in the first reading is the lovers reversed which means that neither party is going to agree. In this reading the hopes and fears card doesn’t really mean much. The king of swords is the outcome in the second reading. As I said, swords (especially of the court cards) aren’t a good sign when you’re asking about the outcome. They’re still seen as destiny cards which is stating what’s meant to be. Swords represent arguments, disagreement and basically you’re never going to compromise.

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