I’m going on camera during the weekend.

Those that know me are fully aware that I prefer not to go on camera but there are reasons that I feel like I must. Lies can be told easier about someone if they don’t show themselves from behind a screen. I prefer written form but I can’t convey what I wanting to do so without using visual. I have to actually show by how I put things across how affected I actually was by something which happened in my past relating to who I refer to simply as A on here. I can say it affects me which is why I don’t like it being insinuated that I’m a certain way or have done things when I know that (this time) I am completely innocent. I am purposefully careful when dealing with others now. There are things I just don’t do in order to avoid accusations. That may be why I’m so guarded too but I think that part is a combination from my past. If I do mess up then I’m completely honest about it. However, in the case currently I know that I haven’t done what their actions against me are portraying. I’m not so young, dumb and messed up as when I had dealings with A. I wouldn’t have fallen into her trap of accusations if I had been the opposite of all those things at that age. I didn’t go by my instincts. I literally ignored them. This time I’m using my instincts and getting in front of situations before they take on a life force of their own. I have my faults but I’m not letting people make out that I’m someone I’m not and if there has been any shit stirring (small areas means it happens a lot) then I will be knocking down all those assumptions while on the video. If someone shows their face they cannot be bullied or made assumptions about that easily. Yes, people will still try it but it’s better than not showing me.

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