I need to speak my truth but I can’t.

Speaking your truth has actually become a popular term used since the whole Megan and Harry stuff happened. I may own a blog but I still feel silenced by others because I set to lost stuff if I speak out. I wouldn’t mind if I didn’t really need that stuff. I hear that both of my half sisters have been talking to try to get that stuff stopped from coming to me anyway. I’ve literally done nothing to them. I haven’t even spoken to one in years and only the other one because she commented on blog posts. I’m not even the same person as I was a few years ago even. They really don’t know me anymore, many people don’t know me anymore. If I felt that I had been subjected to bullying growing up then I should be open about it. It isn’t that easy though. Then I have people fall out with me for how it’s all affected me. I honestly don’t know who backstabbed me when my son was born. They were all randomly scattered in my life at that point. I have always had this suspicion that I was sabotaged by those closest to me growing up and have found evidence to support that theory so it’s not only based on intuition. If I don’t disconnect from certain energies that have been present in my life forever to be accepted by others. I would just like to point out before gossip paints different. I was very nice to a certain person who has just done the equivalent of cutting me off and throwing me from a bridge for a while. I was only nasty to them when they started being cold and even then I didn’t do it straight away. They have two sides to them. They were charming and friendly to me initially but then went cold. I’m not the bad one. I just don’t put up with coldness due to my own past.

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