Everything is done can’t wait until this week is over.

I really do hope that I sleep tonight. I can’t wait until this week is actually over. I have to be up at an around hour tomorrow to take the cats to the vets. Once he is dropped off I have to take the car to the garage because the breaks are feeling a little slippery sometimes. I was told that they were wearing down when I went for the MOT last month. The fact that they are slipping sometimes is making me nervous when driving it. The paperwork that I was doing last night is now posted so that is done. The state of my flat still isn’t great. I got up and went straight out which is like most days. I’ve numbed myself so can no longer feel anything which hopefully means I will sleep tonight. I’m still tired because I only got a few hours sleep during the day. Random thought, I want more children but there isn’t anyway that is going to happen. I don’t trust anyone and even when I slightly let someone in I end up constantly being on edge and guarded. I get so angry and standoffish naturally. It shows that inside my mind I’m still screaming in pain after what happened to me in my past. I get things done because of the hatred toward life that I carry. That doesn’t help me in my personal life though.

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