Ugh! The stuff never ends!

I got the PIP (personal independence payments) form through today so now the tone of this year has officially been set. I can tell you now how that is going to go. It’s a pre determined system for everyone that enters that system. I will get that form filled in. They will then come back and say that no points or under the threshold for benefit has been awarded. I will then have the disability premium taken off my ESA payments which is the only thing that actually makes me be able to afford to live with having to pay the bills etc. I only put small amounts of money away after stockpiling it for a few payments and literally spending Barr minimum. I will end up having to take them to tribunal again. That is how it goes for everyone. That wait for the tribunal is going to be a long wait. I advise everyone who asks me about this system to go to tribunal because the people who work for the DWP are specifically told to minimise the amount of money that claimants receive. There is no way to get anything reinstated working with the in-house part of the department and working pensions. I may have done insider work undercover not using my own name(unpaid) to get the knowledge that I needed to do all this exposing the truth stuff. That is why I wasn’t happy with my hair colour. I can’t look distinctive or be recognisable when I’m doing that stuff. I’m just Em in every day life who knows nothing. On the flip side when I’m out there not using my own name and trying to blend in to my surroundings where I’m watching from the inside. I try to keep everything separate so that both sides don’t clash. You need to know everyone’s name and positions even if you do not know them. I know way too much that I simply won’t take into my personal life unless I have to say something. That is how you have to be. You can’t go saying too much and that is something that backfired on me when I was younger, also even when your emotions are involved keeping your mouth shut could be the difference between catching someone doing something wrong or them getting away with it. Anyway, not looking forward to this process.

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