I will find out.

If certain people who we refer to locally as ‘snakes’ are saying things behind my back then I will find out about it. You don’t know me and gave absolutely no right to talk about me. I have a past but that still gives no one the right to make judgments about me. I work too hard to let people convince others that there’s something dodgy about me when there isn’t. It’s completely wrong. I don’t like being given feedback from people that I don’t deserve which has played on my mind for the last couple of days. I share my life on the blog, you can read my life but you can’t be feeding people information on me which people in turn end up treating me badly. It’s cruel and I simply will not put up with it. The only thing I may have done is say things a bit too brutally honestly. I have no other intentions that others may have led others to believe. I don’t trust people as it is … this justifies exactly why this is so. I don’t like being accused of being something that I’m not. It isn’t fair and it’s been bugging my head since I got that email. I cannot forget how it’s made me feel. I just want it to stop. I have held my hands up to what I may have done unintentionally but I will not be seen as anything else which isn’t true. It doesn’t make sense and I will sign up the truth if I have to do so. Certain things are more hurtful to me than others think and if they are doing it on purpose knowing fully how hurtful it is then they should be ashamed of themselves.

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