I should be asleep by now.

I got home late. I briefly fell asleep on the sofa earlier before I had to go out. I’ve just got home and have just got in the bath after trying to get mister to take his medication. He just won’t take it tonight but he’s taken it every other night so far. It makes no sense whatsoever but I guess that is what is known as cat logic. They are a confusing species.He might just be fed up with going back and forth to the vets. He started hissing at a dog next to us on Friday while we were waiting for his medication. I know exactly how he feels as I would love to hiss at a few people that have been keeping me awake recently. I really am like a cat in human form. That is why I am called the human cat on TikTok. It has 2021 on the end because others are bound to have a similar username. I can barely string a sentence together for long because I’m that tired so I’m off for the night now.

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