I’m not going to do anything. I don’t know what I did so wrong.

I thought about getting even but I’m not like that and I am not being forced to become that. They have basically cut me off for no reason. I don’t know why people act the way that they do and then take offence when you’re honest about how they’re behaving. This is unfair and maybe it’s my autism making me think simple but I don’t know what I’ve done so wrong? I turned to someone and basically they went cold on me and then got annoyed at me for telling them how I saw them. That isn’t fair and over the top. They could have changed my life for the better but they walked away instead. It is cruel and I was right to be mean about it. I was trying to get their attention by being that way. Anyway, I’m never trusting anyone again or turning to anyone again. I just get judged and treated awfully. How is it right that someone is like that to someone who came to them for help? It’s cruel and I’m rightfully very upset… especially with the other information that I won’t put on here because it’s something to do with my son’s case (well, what led up to it). I don’t get how others can be so cruel to someone who is reaching out. We all have our own way of doing that. We all can only express ourselves in certain ways. I didn’t do anything to them but suggested a loose friendship at the very most, that is all that would have been possible given the information I cannot put on here. They tell people to ‘reach out’ when they’re struggling but there’s no benefit in doing so because it only causes more pain. I may have said some hurtful stuff but their behaviour was hurting me before I sent it back in words. Now they’ve caused me more hurt by doing what they’ve done. I’m just an adult with the mind of a teenager (literally I’m maturer as I age but trauma keeps my brain at a certain level) so it’s more hurtful to me than someone with a brain that isn’t held back by trauma. I don’t see what I did so wrong to deserve to be treated like this… it feels like I’m being picked on.

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