Walking until I have chilled out.

I haven’t eaten today but somehow because I am that pissed off right now I have the energy to keep walking. There’s extra information will never mention on here but if you were me you would also have that anger inside alongside what was said today. I was never going to abuse that information though if things had gone right. I’m not a cow. I try to be but it doesn’t work because it goes against my nature. Those that I have from school on my social network (fb, you know where we keep all those we knew from school) will tell everyone that I was always the quiet one that was bullied. I learnt to fight back but that doesn’t mean that I like being nasty. This hard exterior is merely a mask. I am very sensitive in some aspects and I’m very hurt right now because this situation has some of those aspects attached to it. The but I cannot say here hurts the most. People decided that I was below them and undeserving at some point and then it was set in stone. That doesn’t change however hard I work. That stuck existence doesn’t make people want to know me.

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