I have to make this even.

After how I have been treated their business is going down… all of them. I didn’t want to have to go down that road but some people really do need teaching a lesson where it will mean the most to them. Monetary level. I’m not naturally a nasty person but I had a bad feeling right from the start like my purpose wasn’t to be friends, it was to destroy their business. Them not treating me right has confirmed it. I have found out how much influence I have found here recently and I don’t want to use it for bad. Maybe some people deserve it thighs because all I showed them was kindness before I started reflecting back at them. I reflected back on them purposefully to make them see. People only take notice when you intentionally grab personal stuff and throw it in their direction. And, if they throw it back in your face and tell you then that shows the person that they are truly underneath. They don’t give a shit about anyone else. I haven’t eaten today yet. That is starting to show with my hair going brittle and losing my eyelashes. They don’t give a shit that it triggered my eating disorder behaviour.

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