I can’t deal with much right now.

I didn’t end up getting to sleep. I have a very bad migraine right now. I have already had people call me a crap activist because I’m not campaigning for pronouns and trans rights etc. I don’t feel that I’m able to do all parts of activism at the moment. I’m not feeling well enough. I can’t stop feeling sick much. I’m in pain all over my body right now. I can’t even do he parts of activism that directly linked to my life. I am spiritual but I can’t do that work until I’m healed. I feel like I’m going to fall on the floor so please don’t expect much of me today. This isn’t like a normal migraine. It’s much worse and I constantly keep feeling sick. I’m definitely ill because my hair keeps snapping and my eyelashes keep falling out. This has been getting worse for a while. I’m hoping it will go away without seeing a doctor but it just won’t stop.


2 responses to “I can’t deal with much right now.”

  1. Vaguely curious who accuses you of stuff like that. Even I’m not especially, er, activicious with that stuff; it takes a lot of energy and has to come from a position of being fairly stable. Nobody is obliged to be an activist and there’s still a gulf between “I don’t have the energy”/”I have too much to deal with” and just being the sort of person who blithely condones bad stuff. Not being an activist doesn’t mean you’re suddenly the latter type of person.
    Rather ineptly written because I need more sleep. D:


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