I’m just fed up!

I woke up feeling sick today. I haven’t eaten today yet because I’m trying to catch up with stuff and not back home from a walk yet. I can’t eat yet until I don’t feel sick anyway. I didn’t get up until about half 2 but didn’t sleep last night so literally only had a few hours sleep. I was still awake at 8 am. I’m tired but there is a lot to do so I can’t sleep until late. I have to be up at half 6 because the washing machine is set to be delivered between 7am and 7pm. I can’t do the work I said I was going to do last night on here at the moment until the other stuff gets done. I have to be able to sit down and concentrate which I can’t do now. I find it hard to concentrate on things for long because of my ADHD mind. I have to do it in bits. That sometimes works for me when I have to keep switching from one thing to another. That does mean that things never get done though. I flit from one thing to the other too much. Dad used to tell me I never finish things… well, I do actually. I finish my friendships / relationships by being me, or they never start properly because I get pissed off with others thinking they’re ignoring me etc.

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