I can’t sleep again. I have news.

So… I didn’t sleep again. I’ve gone hot so unless I cool down I’m not going to get to sleep yet. I also feel extremely sick which isn’t helping to settle enough for sleep. I was going to put this on here tomorrow but since I’m awake I will do it now. Those of you that know me will be aware that I’m someone that will dig and fine tooth comb everything to find a solution to problems. I have found out who updates the legal legislation in this country (the office of the parliamentary counsel). I know what needs to be implemented but have to work out the details. The children’s act in this country (which is used to threshold measure the case for removal of children in this country) needs updating to stop the practice of forced adoption here. I am going to look at other countries legislation that do not have this crap going on. Then I’m going to forward my suggestions to the department that updates legislation and various parts of government. This isn’t a quick task. As I said the other day, there is only me working alone on certain things so I have to do bits around other aspects of my life. I might have to translate the legal legislation from other countries that don’t have forced adoption practices because they won’t all be written in English. I need to look at those in order to put forward suggestions to our legislation writers. I’m thinking off the top of my head that it has to focus on best interests of family and child rather than purely child focused because that is how our country has literally been trafficking children in plain sight via the court system. There has to be something I can use from another countries legislation that doesn’t allow the practice. It will be in the way they’ve written their law. I am aware of the codified and uncodified ways in which laws are collated in different countries… I will work that out as needed. I’ve done half of this job … now it’s time to do the important part. I do need to try to sleep for a bit now though. I will get onto it this week in between everything else.

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