Woke up at a stupid hour :(

What is the point in waking up at half 4 in the morning when I have to get up at half 7? That is just annoying! I’m hoping that I can get straight back to sleep. If I don’t then I’ve literally only slept a few hours. I can’t do a whole day on a few hours sleep. I end up so pissed off with everyone and everything. I am not going to allow myself to start thinking about stuff because I won’t get back to sleep if I do that. I woke up feeling sick which I hope goes away. I didn’t eat much yesterday. Hunger sometimes makes me feel sick. I had a proper meal which I posted on here (trying to help others losing weight by putting the calories on the video captions – I do not promote eating disorders despite not always eating much myself). I ate a protein bar when I got up yesterday. And I had a little bag of Cadbury chocolate (not many calories if you see how little they put in these bags now – this is a treat that I don’t have on a daily basis). I had a packet of Pom bear crisps before I went to bed. I did a long walk on probably just over 1200 total calories. The walk alone burnt just over 700 calories. I always know if I’ve got the balance wrong because I get really bloated. I have been eating more some days. There is no rule that you have to eat a set amount every day. I have never been the type of person to eat much.

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