This is what I am not.

Many people assume that money attracts individuals… not every individual. That isn’t everyone. That certainly isn’t me. Yes, money would be nice but that is never what I solely base an attraction on. The person I had a crush on for instance (hopefully she isn’t reading this as she seems disinterested, although some town gossip will probably tell her) wasn’t for money. Yes, it was obvious that she had money because of buying businesses. You have to be wealthy to do that. It was the accent (how it made them say things) and that was nothing to any money I could gain from trying to make friends with her. I may not have an official job but I can afford everything I need by saving up for stuff. I may not have the status that I would with a job but I don’t need the money. Money is nice but I’m not used to lots of it so it’s not a thing I desire at all. It would be nice to live a certain lifestyle but that isn’t how I chose people that I like. Believe me, she isn’t a nice person otherwise she would’ve not ignored me a lot. She has been quite insensitive at times but her accent makes things sound more severe. I did point certain things out that I hope she took on board. She said she wasn’t seeing some of the emails so who is hiding them from her? A whole different version of that line will probably be sent through this town now. I would never try to get a married person to like me. I am no threat to the person she is married to. I am right down the pile in comparison to him because of who he is and his career path. As I also said, children involved is not a good thing either. It’s their parents and it’s better if they don’t split up. They probably never would anyway regardless of how irresponsible I was (with this face alone that is impossible) … they seem happy together. It doesn’t seem like either of them would go their separate ways with other people. I tell you now that there is going to be a completely different version of this going around because that is what people do in small towns. There’s going to be talk of secret affairs and other crazy shit that just didn’t happen. Nothing has happened. They don’t even want to be friends. I can’t get them to like me as person.

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