Somehow today worked out.

I actually managed to get to the gym today on the way home. I even managed to get sleep and get the stuff done I needed to do. I even did a load of washing on the way at mums (mine is broken, waiting for a new one). I have a load of stuff to take into my flat when I get back. I will have to probably park on the grass again because our car park is ridiculously full again. I now don’t need to go out tomorrow because everything is done today. I hauled a huge vacuum cleaner box to the return place because I ordered it by mistake. It’s unopened so you can send them right back. I’m not such a weakling as I look. I may be built petite but at the age of 13 / 14 I was carrying dads massive oxygen tanks up the stairs of my parents house which he needed for his illness. I’m not lifting what I used to at the gym yet because I only been back a few weeks after a 3 months break. I also have to remember that my finger isn’t quite back into its normal state yet. I can push my knee quite far but my finger gets a bit temperamental. I thought that I’d let other people completely win earlier but that is no longer the case. It worked out but they still better contact me soon or I will remain quite pissed off. Those with BPD brought on by trauma can hold onto certain things for a very long time.

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