I slept for a while. I’m fed up with being kept awake by others actions.

I slept for a while but I’m still not happy. It’s not only my hair that has decided to give up but also my nails keep breaking. I’ve seen two people out. One that let me down in the past and one that is currently ignoring me whether it’s intentional or not it has still pissed me off. I get really upset even though mentally I do not want to go there because it’s important to stay out of the BPD mindset that trauma has left within you. I will not bite anyone’s head off despite how I talk on here. If anyone does want to say hello after all this time I’m not going to blank them (even though that happens to me a lot. It’s enough for me if others acknowledge how they let me down when I needed them to be supportive. They just called me a weirdo and didn’t support me my entire life so far. I had to do it all on my own. I ended up getting the education I found it hard to get because of people kicking me out all the time for trauma related behaviours. I owe no one anything because they just let me down. I still don’t owe anyone who currently ignores me anything either. They can all get bent if they don’t start treating me with enough respect at least to reply. I know I’m nothing and I’ve had to fight for a normal life but at least be respectful to me by replying even occasionally. I expect the bare minimum if I make an effort… that isn’t happening. It’s keeping me awake and then affects my life then nothing gets done which is becoming an annoyance for me. If they do bother to even visit the blog then now they’re all aware of how I feel. I’ve told them all but no one listens to me it seems. As far as the plan for fighting a normal life is concerned, I have more plans in that department but I’m not putting them on here. Now I officially can use the letters law cert (open) behind my name I am going to go down the discrimination route with a lot of places that let me down on the way. I have to give tooth comb various acts but it’s in the pipeline.

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