Finally home and going to bed.

I ended up bringing mister home with more medication. They gave him a bladder scan not sedated while I was there because he was well behaved. He couldn’t have the other bloods done because the antibiotics were still in his system. The vet weighed him. Despite the fact that I’ve put him on a diet, he still has put more weight on. He got really grumpy being left in his carrier at the vets for over two hours. There was a woman that let her dog sniff the cat carrier. Mister decided that he had enough after not being allowed to eat last night. He started hissing at the dog and the dog started barking at him. He was well behaved until that moment. The vet doesn’t know if he will need sedating for his kidney scan next Friday because he’s apparently really easy going. I’m glad one of us is today because I’m certainly not. I’m tired after only one hour sleep. I’m having a bath, vacuuming and then going to bed for the rest of the day. I had plans to do stuff but right now I’m just too tired.

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