I made myself do today. 2 more days of stuff to go.

I didn’t want to get up today. I had a lie in with the cat (he didn’t want to get up either). Luckily I managed to get the other cat to come home before I went out. I don’t think she was happy because she couldn’t get in while everyone else was snoozing. I took a load of washing over to my mums and had a chippy tea while I’m over here. I need to try get sleep tonight because I have arranged for washing machine repair guy for the afternoon and the deliveries that were supposed to arrive on Tuesday got rearranged for tomorrow too. I also have to drop mister (cat) at the vets first thing Friday morning for his bladder scan. I have to make sure he can’t get hold of food from tomorrow night (that is going to be hard because he never stops nagging me for food – vet told him he had to go on a diet a few months ago when we last went). I am already looking forward to all that being done. I’m half expecting to be told that my washing machine isn’t repairable because I smelt burning when it tripped the fuse box switches. I turned it on and it would barely fill up water, spin or whatever.

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