I’m going to snatch my biological son back!

I have tried every legal route but I was blocked at every single turn… so now I’m taking what’s rightfully mine back illegally. I’m prepared to trace and snatch what was taken from me. He is mine! The parents legally stole him because the system let them. I don’t mind doing this publicly because I want the details reported! I haven’t been given any other choice but to go down the trace and snatch route. I have no details yet but I am digging and because of the injustice that happened I’m not being forced to wait another 7 years until he’s old enough. He is due to start secondary school this year so old enough to understand what I will tell him when I take him back. I was able to understand enough when I reached 11. Everyone has got what they wanted in life. It’s about time I did the same. The proper channels are too corrupt and full of discrimination. I would have been completely fine with the adoptive parents bringing him up and just having contact but I was even denied the bare minimum. The system wouldn’t let me have anything and they used my autism to justify that so why should I try to do things properly? He is mine. Those people that adopted him took complete advantage of the situation. I’m not being used as a way to have a child. That was my child, not theirs! I don’t care about what was meant to be. It actually wasn’t meant to be and people are too frightened to speak against the narrative that their fed. I’m not and the system has literally thrown everything at me to shut me up. I have a suspicion that the disappearance of that woman with the newborn baby and her boyfriend who got done for rape (he was 14 and done his time – the offence wasn’t technically with a child if it was someone of a similar age at the time so child protection should have no current concerns but they will because they scrape the historical barrel to get these adoptions). If they were last seen on 7th January then hopefully the trafficking rings getting them out of the country to places like France have helped them. It’s that bad. I don’t know details but there are people helping parents out of the country to escape the child protection system here. If I do get hold of my son that is where we will be using that route too. We aren’t safe in this country legally if I do go to snatch him back. If we are in one of those countries where the uk has no legal jurisdiction then he can have a settled life without having to move around to run. It’s because there has been so many legitimate abusers slip through the system which has led to deaths etc that those of us with misunderstood conditions have got thrown into the fire pit. I have never done anything nasty to anyone. Yes, I’ve said the odd nasty thing but everyone does that. I have an innocent character and anyone who truly knows me will confirm that (not many because I have my guard up). I have been abused easily due to being so passive etc. I was labelled wrongly. Those that know me will would know I wouldn’t consider going to snatch my biological son if there was other options. There isn’t because all the legal avenues won’t work. I can’t even get the adoptive parents to agree to contact. ThT is probably due to the shit that was put on the system about me. They were lies or at least assumptions. I’m not a bad person. I deserve contact with my son. That is being denied to me so I have to go take back what is mine.

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