Well, my move is probably not happening now.

The washing machine may need replacing. I won’t know for sure until the person looks at it but if the same part keeps going it may be time to get a new one rather than paying £50 to £70 per year for part replacements. The brakes and a few other bits will need replacing soon which is also a huge chunk of money. I won’t get to move this year. I’m stuck here for at least another few years by my calculations. I don’t think that I can mentally take living here much longer. I wanted to be out of here to the end of the year. If it wasn’t detrimental to my mental health then it wouldn’t stress me out at the thought of staying here. I’m not happy here and I won’t change my mind because I never wanted to come back. I came back under duress to try to initially stop my son being taken from birth due to having my past used against me… that didn’t work and a decade later I’m still here. I don’t want to be here. I hate it here. I was glad to get away when I was a teenager the first time around. I have and never will change my mind.

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