Sleep messed up :(

I went to sleep an hour ago, then woke up an hour later. It’s just really annoying. I have to be awake today to sort things out. The washing machine repair person is going to message me to arrange appointment so I have to be awake. I need to ring the gp about going back on antidepressants too. I have some left that I collected a while ago. I just need them put on my regular medication list so I can order them etc. I really don’t want to do this but I see no way out of how I just feel nothing in life. I don’t want to even be awake right now. That is probably because I only slept for one hour. I don’t know if my memory problems is caused by how I came off of them or one of those random depression symptoms. I’m also anxious about going down the laundry place because I haven’t been there before but at the moment my washing is on a towel on the kitchen floor, they were so wet that the water is starting to saturate the towel. I can’t leave it that way. I have to wrap it up in the towel and take that load down there in a black bag. I don’t know how much it costs or how to use the machines. I hope that I can just spin it. I may as well dry them while I’m there too. I’m going to the one that isn’t coin operated because that sounds confusing. I know that for someone so confident with computers etc it’s surprising that I let other forms of technology overwhelm me. They are two very different types and even I find the technical side of computers too much when people start going on about coding etc. I can do basic things on computers like email, word processing, excel (to a point, I don’t use it every day so would have to relearn if it came up in a work related thing). Anyway, I am off to get a few more hours sleep before I tackle todays tasks which I’m dreading.

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