Still awake at 4 am :(

I’m still awake at 4 am… I don’t know what to do with my sleep pattern. I can’t have another day of sleeping in because nothing gets done. If I’m going out there to do things during the day then I have to be awake during the day. I was able to sleep fine for a few weeks but now I’m unable to sleep again. I’m fed up with getting somewhere and then not being able to sleep again. I’ve let people know how I feel about certain things which I thought would help but it hasn’t. I don’t feel bugged by those things anymore. I still can’t sleep though. I have the heating on low tonight because at -3 it feels like ice in here. I keep having to top up every few days to make sure that the gas doesn’t turn itself off. They never sent me a new smart meter and the app no longer keeps up to date with credit. I don’t have to do this for long because it’s being turned over to direct debit which I’m going to make sure is fixed not variable so that they can’t take large amounts out of my account without permission. Variable means that they can take whatever you’ve used but a fixed amount means they can only take a set amount per month. I’m in credit with electricity because of that government grant monthly payment. I wanted it on my gas but apparently unless it is duel fuel account it cannot be used to pay for the gas. I only use half the government grant amount on electricity per month. I would use it more on the gas. I just put castor oil on my eyelashes and eyebrows to try to grow back the parts that fell out randomly. I have a gap in my eyelashes on one side and a bit of eyebrow missing in the middle on one side. I also need to grow back the edge of my hairline where it broke off at the edges. It is starting to grow back but it’s going to take a while to look like it did before everything started shedding. I can feel my eyelashes getting slightly thicker over the last few weeks. It will take time and patience. That was the same for weight loss and getting my knee/finger to heal (not quite there but swelling gone down a lot). Anyway, I’m going to attempt to sleep now.

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